Empower Community, domestic solar PV

Empower Community was set up as a Community Enterprise to alleviate fuel poverty by providing free solar energy to tenants in social housing as well as generating profits which are used to fund community energy projects. We provide Operation & Maintenance and reactive Solar PV maintenance services to over 4000 domestic roof-mounted PV systems (2kWp-4kWp) across Peterborough, Northampton, Stockport, Boston, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Lincoln and Corby. 

The community trust also aims to deliver energy benefits in the same geographical areas as the solar projects, to benefit those that do not directly benefit from the free solar panels.

We provide a robust and reliable operations and maintenance service covering the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland, which includes response maintenance, monitoring, and re-roofing support.

Key services delivered on this contract include Operation and Maintenance services for roof-mounted solar PV systems, health checks for systems that cease to generate or are underperforming, responsive maintenance including immediate emergency intervention for security and safety reasons, remedial repairs and reinstalling components/systems, installation of bird protection, and data gathering/reporting. When undertaking remedial work, we manage the process for obtaining replacement components through warranties, where these are available.

We have a dedicated operation and maintenance team that provide our O&M service. We play a key role in ensuring the project achieves the maximum benefits of the Solar PV scheme, which in turn facilitates further reinvestment.

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