Health and Social Care Trusts, Air Conditioning

We provide the Maintenance of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment to Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Western Health and Social Care Trust, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust and Southern Health and Social Care Trust. The Trusts are responsible for health and social care services in Northern Ireland. 

The services delivered include the repair and maintenance of Air Conditioning Equipment, Planned maintenance including servicing and provision of condition reports, 24/7 reactive repairs, remedial maintenance including proactive repairs to improve equipment performance, and Minor works including installations, refurbishments, and additions. 

We have successfully delivered the inspection, maintenance and repairs of air conditioning units, heat recovery units, air handling units, chiller units and cleaning of supply and extract ductwork across multiple sites with a wide range of appliances.

Works are completed across a range of occupied public buildings including hospitals and health centres, as well as offices, estates and facilities. At these sites we work across a range of safety critical environments including emergency care, acute medical emergencies, intensive care, theatre services and mental health services. 

To achieve successful contract delivery, we provide a highly skilled and professional workforce, a safe and sustainable service model, with sufficient and effective use of resources to achieve stringent key performance indicators. We provide 24/7/365 response maintenance and helpdesk support to achieve 4-hour emergency response call-outs and same day/next day responses for non-emergency repairs. We also operate bespoke working practices for the health care environment, given the critical care environment. We continued working throughout the pandemic including assisting with the mobilisation of extra ward space across various NHS facilities and working to this day within red zone areas.

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