Waverley BC, Heating Services

Our Farnborough team deliver the annual gas safety inspection, service and breakdown, and repairs service to the gas installations of Waverley Borough Council housing stock of circa 4,900 properties, with a total contract value of £28 million over the 13-year contract period. 

The scope of work includes Landlords Gas Safety Check (LGSR) programme delivered through an MOT style 10-month cycle, 365/24/7 repairs and maintenance service, critical boiler replacements and planned boiler and system replacements, in addition to gas safety checks for all Voids & Mutual Exchanges. 

We have invested in full ICT integration with Waverley’s Orchard Housing system to provide real-time updates on work progress as each task order progresses through to completion. We also offer customers an online portal to book gas servicing apartments at their own convenience, and automated appointment reminders. 

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