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Image of Jonathan McCambley, Associate Director at Greenview, with Head Coach of Lisburn Youth Football Club, holding one of their new branded football tops.

Greenview sponsors Lisburn Youth Football Club

Greenview are delighted to announce our sponsorship of Lisburn Youth Football Club’s Reserve team. Greenview have sponsored the team’s new match kit for the season ahead. Keep up with how the team do throughout their season here

Pictured are:

  • Greenview’s Jonathan McCambley, Associate Director – Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Stuart Caswell, Lisburn Youth Football Club’s First Team and Head Coach
  • Senior players Glyn Rees and Matty Knox

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, we are passionate about making a positive difference to local teams and community groups.

We welcome suggestions and requests from our employees to achieve positive and sustainable outcomes in our local communities. Our community-based activities over the last 12 months have ranged from sponsoring a number of sports teams, improving community facilities, employee volunteering and our school engagement programme.

Find out more about our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments at

Image of the Climate Action Pledge NI statement from Business in the Community NI

Greenview signs Climate Action Pledge NI

At Greenview we are committed to our sustainability pledge and will continue to deliver services that feed into the government’s decarbonisation targets. To help honour this commitment, Greenview has signed the Climate Action Pledge NI, a public commitment to achieving an ambitious target of reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% by 2030.

The Pledge is a driver for business to take action on the climate emergency, working to ensure a liveable future and limit the increase in global temperatures well below 2°C.

By signing the Climate Action Pledge and setting and striving to achieve ambitious Greenhouse gas reduction targets, Northern Ireland organisations can demonstrate their commitment and willingness to collaborate to address this critical issue.

The Pledge is a cornerstone of the Business Action on Climate campaign, an initiative of the responsible business network Business in the Community (BITC), which inspires and supports organisations to act as a force for good, convening business to tackle key societal and environmental issues.

Greenview’s CEO, Michael Burke said “The climate emergency is particularly relevant to us at Greenview as our business designs and delivers measures and services in the energy efficiency and renewable sectors.  We at Greenview are committing to support climate action by signing this pledge and we hope that in doing so, we can reduce our own impact on the environment and further help other businesses to achieve their climate emergency goals.”

Kieran Harding, Managing Director, BITC, said: “Signing the Climate Action Pledge is an act of public accountability that proves to an organisation’s stakeholders, customers and employees that they are taking ambitious action on the climate crisis”.

“To make a real difference, businesses need to collaborate and act now. We are delighted that Greenview has joined our growing group of Northern Ireland organisations that have made a public declaration to take action urgently.” For more information on the Business Action on Climate campaign and the Climate Action Pledge NI, please visit or email

Collage of images of Greenview staff hosting charity coffee mornings at their three office sites for Brain Injury Matters

Greenview’s coffee morning for Brain Injury Matters

On the 29th July, we held coffee mornings across our four sites: Carryduff, Mallusk, Newry and Hampshire. The coffee mornings were in aid of Brain injury matters, our Charity of the Year for 2022.

Brain Injury Matters (NI) is a charity which supports, promotes and empowers all those affected by Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). They support through a range of innovative programmes and initiatives led by a diverse team of clinicians. Helping those affected by ABI become more independent, achieve their goals and adjust to life with brain injury.

A huge thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to donate to a worthy cause. We are delighted to announce that we raised a total of £432.35.

We would like to thank all of our talented bakers for taking time to bake their delicious cakes. The generous contributions made the morning a huge success.

You can find out more about the inspiring work that Brain injury Matters deliver here

To view more of our fundraising activity at Greenview, visit our News page here

Image of Kieran Adams, Managing Director of Greenview, with Springvale Learning students who have completed their work experience at Greenview

Work Experience for Springvale Learning Students

Five students from Springvale Learning in Belfast have completed a 12-week work experience programme with Greenview. This work experience has been to complement their Level 1 and 2 Plumbing courses. The students were each partnered with an experienced operative, spending two days on-site each week to gain valuable industry experience. Three of the Springvale Learning students will be continuing their work experience at Greenview for the remainder of the summer.

At Greenview, we commit to providing opportunities for students to develop their skills, gain industry experience and achieve qualifications. We provide these opportunities through our training and development programmes, to help support the next generation of engineers and operatives. Work placements offer students skills development and valuable “on the tools” experience in a live-working environment, whilst also developing confidence.

A huge thank you to our partner operatives who have supported the placement students!

Read more about training we provide at Greenview here

Image of the Not Just for Boys campaign branding, from Women's Tec

Greenview becomes a NotJustForBoys Business Champion

The programme aims to challenge misconceptions and to encourage females to consider opportunities in sectors such as engineering and construction that offer flexibility and wider career choices. The #notjustforboys programme aims to increase awareness amongst young females of the wide array of career opportunities available to them in sectors where women are typically under-represented, such as construction and engineering. This is achieved through engagement including primary school taster sessions, awareness events, mentoring, work experience or placements, and apprenticeships.

We embrace equality and opportunity for all; we proudly employ more females than our industry average and we have a good gender balance across our difference roles. Nonetheless with the industry facing a skills shortage, we believe it is important for us to encourage a wider pool of talent by inspiring females to make informed choices about their career.

The NotJustForBoys programme’s social impact creates training opportunities and employability pathways for females in non-traditional sectors. We will be working in partnership with Women’sTEC to inspire females to consider a wider range of career options and offering support to students in their journey.

You can read more about the NotJustForBoys programme here:

Image of Greenview staff member donating platelets in hospital

Employee Platelets Donation

At Greenview, we are proud of our employees who give back to the community and we support them to do so in any way they can.

Jonny McCambley, Greenview’s Associate Director – Air Conditioning and Refrigeration donates platelets once every four weeks at the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service Headquarters.

Here he explains what platelets are, how they are used, and what it means to be a donor:

“Blood is made up of several components one of which is platelets. Platelets are a type of blood cell that help blood to clot and stop bleeding. Each donation provides enough platelets to treat one, two, or even three patients.

Most platelet donations, around 70%, help patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, predominantly leukaemia. The remaining donations help patients as follows, 17% helps people who’ve had surgery, 8% helps people with other medical conditions, 5% goes to adults in intensive care, and 1% helps babies going through intensive treatment. To prevent patients suffering from serious bleeding, lost platelets must be replaced, so platelets given by generous donors are often lifesaving. They are in great demand as they can only be stored for up to 7 days and therefore stocks need to be constantly replenished.

Platelet donations are slightly more complex than normal blood donations. The process begins with blood being taken from your arm in the same way as a regular whole blood donation. A relatively small volume of your blood then passes through a machine which then collects platelets and some plasma. Your blood is then returned to you using the same arm. The machine repeats this cycle until enough platelets have been collected. The whole procedure takes around two hours and is undertaken at the NIBTS Headquarters facility in Belfast. The platelets taken are replenished within your body within 48 hours.

My experience with donating platelets has been personally very rewarding. It is a great feeling to know that you are doing something to help people who are in need. It does not cost me anything other than giving up two hours of my time every four weeks. The facility at the NIBTS HQ is fantastic, you can hook up to the Wi-Fi, read a book, watch TV, or just chill out for two hours while your donation takes place.”

For more information on donating platelets visit:

Image of Kieran Harding, Managing Director of Business in the Community NI, with Tanya Fisher and Roy Connolly from Greenview, holding a framed certificate for Greenview joining Business in the Community NI.

Greenview joins Business in the Community NI

Greenview is committed to responsible and ethical business and has joined the responsible business network – Business in the Community. Members of Business in the Community collaborate to advance the responsible business agenda, which includes supporting their people, being a force for good in society and having a positive impact on the environment, making real and lasting impacts. Businesses in NI have an important role to play in addressing society’s biggest issues and Greenview is committed to making Northern Ireland a better place in which to live, work and do business.

Responsible business network Business in the Community Northern Ireland (BITCNI) has warmly welcomed Greenview into its ranks. Being part of the network is a public commitment of an organisation’s commitment to corporate responsibility and member organisations benefit from a range of topical advisory services, events and initiatives around: health and wellbeing; sustainability; and diversity and inclusion, that help businesses large and small go beyond profit to make Northern Ireland a better place to work and live.

Greenview’s CEO, Michael Burke said “Greenview is committed to being a responsible business in a wide range of areas including sustainability, the environment, social responsibility and active involvement in the community. Being a member of BITCNI will give us great support and guidance from their experienced and knowledgeable team. We are also really looking forward to learning, interacting and collaborating with other members of the BITCNI network.

Kieran Harding, Managing Director, Business in the Community NI said: “We are delighted to welcome Greenview into membership. Our members recognise the huge benefits that come from managing their businesses in a responsible and sustainable way, and we look forward to working with all of our members – established and new – supporting them on their responsible business journeys.

“We aim to help and inspire companies to address three campaigning areas – their People, the Planet, and the Place in which they operate. By working together to tackle social and environmental issues, businesses in membership with us can truly become a force for good in society.”

To find out more about Business in the Community, visit

Pictured are: Kieran Harding (Managing Director, Business in the Community NI), Tanya Fisher and Roy Connolly from Greenview.

Image of George Stanfield, Greenview’s Head of Health and Safety Compliance

IOSH Northern Ireland appoints George Stanfield as a committee member

Congratulations to George Stanfield, Greenview’s Head of Health and Safety Compliance for becoming a committee member of the IOSH Northern Ireland Branch. The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the world’s leading professional body for Health and Safety in the workplace and through Continuing Professional Development, IOSH members build their skills, knowledge and expertise. As a Committee Member, George will support the running of the network and provide help and advice for achieving the aims of the branch.

With over 12 years safety experience, George recently achieved his Grad-IOSH membership and was awarded his Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (Level 5 OHS) alongside a broad spectrum of health and safety accreditations and courses.

At Greenview, we pride ourselves in having highly skilled leaders who are experienced individuals to shape and guide our services and delivery. Each member of our senior team is a specialist in their own field, offering sector knowledge, insight and driving innovation. 

Image of Greenview Staff who have passed their Management Development Programme

Management Development Programme: Cohort One

Congratulations to our first cohort who have passed their Chartered Management Institute Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management as part of the Greenview Management Development Programme. Our Management Development Programme is a bespoke scheme which has been designed to help our future leaders develop their knowledge and skills and support our company’s continued growth. 

Our people are the key to our success and we provide continual opportunities for our employees to upskill and develop their skills.

Image of Greenview staff members with two individuals who were given ICE Trikes thanks to Greenview's fundraising for Brain Injury Matters Week

Brain Injury Week: Greenview donates ICE Trike to Brain Injury Matters

Greenview has donated a new ICE Trike to local charity Brain Injury Matters (NI) to mark  Brain Injury Week (16th – 22nd May. The addition of this new ICE-Trike will significantly increase the number of participants that are now able to take part in Brain Injury Matters’ Pedal Power initiative.

Earlier this year, Greenview pledged its support for Brain Injury Matters, announcing it as its Charity of the Year for 2022.  Since then, the business has been fundraising for the charity which supports, promotes and empowers all those affected by Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

Brain Injury Matters (NI) deliver a range of innovative programmes and initiatives led by a diverse team of clinicians. During Action for Brain Injury Week 2022, Brain Injury Matters (NI) is raising awareness and understanding of what can be for many brain injury survivors, a hidden disability.

Brain Injury Matters’ Pedal Power initiative runs every Friday and helps to develop participants’ motor skills including coordination, endurance and strength. The project gives participants the opportunity to interact and socialise along local Greenways, whilst also gaining with the sensory and psychological benefits of cycling outdoors.

Speaking on Greenview’s donation to the charity, Jonathan McCambley, Associate Director, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration with Greenview adds: “Following consultations with our staff and Senior Management Team, Brain Injury Matters was selected as our charity partner for 2022, and since then, we’ve learnt so much more about the organisation’s invaluable work with people who have an acquired brain injury.

As a socially responsible business, we want to support initiatives close to our employees’ hearts that really make a difference to local communities. Each ICE trike costs over £4,000.00 however it is a small price to pay when you see the joy on the participants faces. Pedal Power is a great initiative allowing participants to rekindle their enjoyment of the outdoors.

The ICE trike itself is a very versatile piece of equipment with modern componentry that you would find on most top of the range road bicycles. It has various methods of adjustment allowing each participant to have a safe, comfortable, and more importantly, enjoyable ride.

Pedal Power has been shortlisted in the Disability Category for this year’s Charity Awards, the most prestigious awards scheme in the charity sector. We’re delighted that our ICE trike donation will help support the continued development of the Pedal Power project.”

An acronym for Inspired Cycling Engineering, the ICE Recumbent Trike places the rider in a reclining position, which makes balance easier. With this latest donation, there are now 3 ICE Trikes and 1 side by side trike in the Pedal Power cycling fleet.

Treasa Rice, Engagement Manager with Brain Injury Matters adds: Pedal Power was developed by Brain injury Matters back in 2019 as research highlighted the notable benefits of exercise after brain injury. Since launching Pedal Power, we’ve been inundated with referrals from adults living with a brain injury who want to join the weekly cycling sessions, but until now, we simply couldn’t provide the opportunities for everyone due to a lack of appropriate bikes.

We’re so delighted, that on Action for Brain Injury Week, we’re able to develop our services, enabling even more adults living with an acquired brain injury to rediscover their love of cycling and the great outdoors; enabling them to live beyond their acquired brain injury.” 

Throughout 2022, Greenview will be working to support Brain Injury Matters (NI) through fundraising and employee initiatives.

For further information on Brain Injury Matters (NI) campaign for Action for Brain Injury Week 2022, visit