Translink, M&E Maintenance

Our commercial asset maintenance team deliver mechanical and electrical maintenance to Translink. This includes:

  • 24/7/365 emergency response services
  • Reactive mechanical and electrical (M&E) maintenance
  • Cyclical M&E maintenance
  • Planned preventative M&E maintenance
  • Minor works across multiple, complex sites

The number of users supported includes over 3,800 Translink employees and over 1.5 million annual passengers.

The works are delivered across 156 sites throughout Northern Ireland and Scotland. Sites include:

  • Train and bus stations
  • Front and back office environments
  • Concourses
  • Engineering depots and yards
  • Multi-storey carparks,
  • Park and rides and train platforms

The contract includes working in a safety critical/live environment at sites open to the public, including train and bus stations. Safe working practices are paramount to our delivery in an efficient, safe, and reliable manner.

The range of services delivered includes:

  • Mechanical and Electrical services, including electrical maintenance, periodic inspection and testing including fixed appliance testing and PAT testing, general and emergency lighting,
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Gas & oil fired heating systems
  • Plumbing systems, pumps, heating
  • Ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Roller shutters
  • ATEX equipment
  • Gas protection systems
  • Grease traps and canopy ventilation
  • Lightning protection
  • CCTV
  • Sprinkler systems and fire alarms

Throughout this contract, we provide a 24/7 emergency response maintenance service. We have a 24/7/365 Helpdesk team working to ensure timely attendances for emergency callouts.


Case studies - Asset Maintenance - NIHE Facilities

NIHE, M&E Services (Facilities)

We deliver the Mechanical & Electrical Services (Facilities) contracts for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive covering the North and South regions. 

The contract includes planned preventive maintenance, inspections, responsive maintenance and repairs operating 24/7/365 in respect of mechanical and electrical (M&E) service installations and equipment in the Housing Executive’s offices and depots located throughout Northern Ireland. We service 48 buildings including a range of housing offices, local district offices, depots and stores across all of Northern Ireland.  

The scope covers a wide range of M&E services including electrical systems, emergency lighting, security systems, CCTV systems, PAT testing, alarm systems, fire safety systems, heating systems/boilers, plumbing, air conditioning, gas and oil-fired systems, lightning protection, generators, UPS, roller shutters, TV and satellite systems, smoke ventilation, legionella works and BEMS. 

We ensure statutory compliance across a range of assets, including all Mechanical and Electrical systems and equipment, delivering compliance with all relevant statutory requirements and testing and inspection regimes. We also ensure the provision of test/inspection reports via integration with the client’s Orchard HMS IT system. 

Our contract SLAs are 1 hour attendance and 24 completion for Immediate Call Out/emergencies, 4 days for urgent requests, and less than 3 weeks for routine requests. Through the contract we monitor all alarm systems 24 hours per day.

There were delays to the procurement process which affected the mobilisation period, pushing it into the start of the winter period. Despite this, we successfully mobilised within a 6-week period, and also transferred employees from the incumbent under TUPE. 

NIHE, M&E (High Rise and Hostels)

We deliver a comprehensive Mechanical and Electrical Servicing and Maintenance (Multi Storey Blocks And Homeless Hostels) Contract for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive across Northern Ireland, valued at over £4million.

Through the contract we carry out comprehensive planned servicing/testing/inspection and inclusive preventative/responsive maintenance and repair services to specialist mechanical and electrical (M&E) service installations and equipment to the communal areas of residential high-rise buildings (5 storeys and above), and homeless hostels throughout Northern Ireland.

We deliver a wide range of M&E services including electrical services, periodic inspection and testing, emergency lighting, security systems (intruder alarms, CCTV, door & gate access controlled systems, audio/video door entry intercom systems, panic alarms, and public address systems & induction loops), fire safety systems including fire detection and alarm system, dry risers and portable fire fighting equipment, mechanical systems (hot water heating systems, hot and cold mains water installations, sanitaryware, soils and wastes, smoke control and ventilation systems and air conditioning systems). Other systems maintained extend to Lightning Protection, Television Distribution and Satellite Systems, Portable Appliance Testing, Radio Systems, Safety Fall Protection Systems and uninterruptible power systems (UPS). 

Our contract SLAs are 1 hour attendance with 24 hour completion for immediate call out/emergencies, 4 days for urgent requests, and less than 3 weeks for routine requests. Through the contract we monitor all alarm systems 24 hours per day. 

We deliver statutory compliance across a range of assets including all Mechanical and Electrical systems and equipment, including compliance with all relevant statutory requirements, testing and inspection regimes and provision of test/inspection reports with integration to the client’s Orchard HMS IT system – ICT integration between our CAFM/works management system and the client’s Orchard HMS has been achieved to facilitate real-time communication and maximise productivity. 

Health and Social Care Trusts, Air Conditioning

We provide the Maintenance of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment to Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Western Health and Social Care Trust, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust and Southern Health and Social Care Trust. The Trusts are responsible for health and social care services in Northern Ireland. 

The services delivered include the repair and maintenance of Air Conditioning Equipment, Planned maintenance including servicing and provision of condition reports, 24/7 reactive repairs, remedial maintenance including proactive repairs to improve equipment performance, and Minor works including installations, refurbishments, and additions. 

We have successfully delivered the inspection, maintenance and repairs of air conditioning units, heat recovery units, air handling units, chiller units and cleaning of supply and extract ductwork across multiple sites with a wide range of appliances.

Works are completed across a range of occupied public buildings including hospitals and health centres, as well as offices, estates and facilities. At these sites we work across a range of safety critical environments including emergency care, acute medical emergencies, intensive care, theatre services and mental health services. 

To achieve successful contract delivery, we provide a highly skilled and professional workforce, a safe and sustainable service model, with sufficient and effective use of resources to achieve stringent key performance indicators. We provide 24/7/365 response maintenance and helpdesk support to achieve 4-hour emergency response call-outs and same day/next day responses for non-emergency repairs. We also operate bespoke working practices for the health care environment, given the critical care environment. We continued working throughout the pandemic including assisting with the mobilisation of extra ward space across various NHS facilities and working to this day within red zone areas.

Case studies - Asset Maintenance - Clanmil

Clanmil Housing, Fire Alarm Maintenance

We were awarded the contract for Periodic Inspection, Servicing, Maintenance and Repair of Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Installations for Clanmil Housing Association, Abbeyfield and Wesley Housing Association, Connswater Homes, Habinteg Housing Association (Ulster), Craigowen Housing Association, North Belfast Housing Association and Arbour Housing to meet their obligations as social landlords.

The scope of works comprises periodic servicing, inspection, testing and certification, routine maintenance, response maintenance (including 24/7/365 emergency call-outs), void property works and mutual exchanges, major works consisting of upgrading, installation or renewals, call handling, and technical inspections. 

We provide works across a range of fire alarm/detection systems, emergency lighting installations, firefighting equipment, sprinkler systems, dry risers, automatic smoke vents, and disabled refuge intercom systems to communal areas of social housing & HMO blocks, sheltered schemes, commercial self-contained and communal properties, and commercial offices at over 210 sites across Northern Ireland. As part of the contract, we have also delivered fire alarm installations and renewals across a number of sheltered/supported living schemes.

Our procedures for working in occupied properties focus on protecting tenants and minimising risks/disruption, with this element of the works crucial given the nature of supported living sites. Our contract management ethos focuses planning, programming, resourcing, supply chain management, quality control, client/tenant liaison, and the provision of all asset data and certification. As principal contractor we are responsible for ensuring workmanship standards and adherence to health and safety regulations, being responsible each element of delivery, including planning, managing, monitoring, testing and commissioning, reporting and providing certification.